23 January 2006

Gotta love time off!

Don't you love it when you have time off from work? It is a little over a week until the girls go back to start the new school year and I have from now until then off. Granted a lot of the time will be spent organising their school supplies and uniforms etc but I am sure I will get some time to do my stuff too.

I have a lot of scrap projects to get done for
123-Scrap! including some cards and projects for our upcoming cyber-crop (but they are a surprise so I can't share yet!) I would also love to get some personal scrapping done, as my mojo has taken a bit of a beating lately and I really haven't done much at all. I took this picture yesterday (among others) which I can't wait to scrap! And then there are all of the photos from the last how many years that need to be done. The usual story - so many photos, so little time!
Before I go I thought I'd share my favourite recent (and oh so true!) quote:
"If you really want it, you'll find a way;
if you don't, you'll find an excuse"

Oh and 'Hi' to my mum and dad if you're reading this ;) Love you lots and miss you!!


Carol said...

Hi Jodene!! *waving madly*

How fun you have a blog now, too! I ADORE that photo and the way you've made it b/w except for the guitar!! I can't wait to see the page you create to showcase this photo! :D

Rach said...

Hi Jodene! Welcome to the blogging world! ;)

LOVE this photo.

lee woodside said...

Finally!!!!! Great to see that you have joined us in the world of blogdom. Miss ya.