31 January 2006

Hello from Sydney

I finally arrived last night after a long bus ride, an overnight stay in Perth and then a plane to Sydney. A big THANKYOU to my friend Christine (an online buddy and fellow scrapbooker!) who picked me up from the train station and invited me to spend the night with her gorgeous family and then took me to my plane on Monday.
It is so nice to be here, although it is the hardest trip I know I will ever have to make.
Dad was glad to see me, and I am so happy to be with him and mum now. Although I was just not prepared for how much he has deteriorated since I last saw him in September. Mum did warn me but I guess what I could imagine in my mind is nothing compared to the reality - which is far worse.
What a disgusting, insideous disease Cancer is. Any of you who have seen someone eaten away by it will know exactly what I mean. I feel angry, and so helpless right now. I know that all I can do is just be here, and it is frustrating.
I will update again when I get a chance.
(((( Hugs )))))

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