14 April 2006

Happy Easter!

Once again it's been a while between posts. Life has been pretty busy with the end of another school term (where did the first one go?). The girls are now off for 3 weeks. It is usually two but the teachers are doing some literacy program which means the kids get an extra 3 days off. This is such a nightmare when you work full time and have to organise child care!
So it is Good Friday and we are about to have some fish for dinner. I know so many people that refuse to eat meat on Good Friday and yet they are in no way (and I mean NO WAY) religious. What is with that? Is it something we are brought up with? I personally don't eat it because my husband and children are Catholic but I have no belief system in place and still feel a twinge of guilt over eating meat today. Why I don't know! Must be some remnant of the Catholic education I received through high school.
But whatever your Religious beliefs, I hope that you have a wonderful Easter and that the bunny is very generous in the chocolate department.
And to my Jewish friends celebrating Passover this weekend, I hope that you and your families have a wonderful holiday.


Pam said...

Hope you had a great Easter!

lee woodside said...

Hey gorgeous hope you had a fantastic Easter.