14 April 2006

I love family visits

It's official, my Mum is coming to visit! It's a little way off, but on 8 June my mum is coming from Sydney to stay for 10 days. I can't wait! I haven't seen her since I left Sydney after Dad passed away (which coincidentally was two months today) so I am really looking forward to spending some time with her. I am going to have the week off work while she is here and we can just hang out and do mum/daughter stuff. I am so thrilled!
She will also be bringing one of her best friends Val with her, which will be fun. Val has never been to here before, so I am sure it will be something different for her. She will only be staying part of the time and then travelling to Perth to visit friends of her own. So I can see lots of wine and scrabble nights in my future! lol
Since we moved across country to live here (which is 12 years) we haven't had a lot of family visitors, so when it happens we usually get pretty excited about it. I will be sure to share updates and photos when the time comes.


Pam said...

You gals will have a wonderful time!

lee woodside said...

How exciting for you.