15 August 2006

Another day over - and on points!

And I even managed to save a couple of points. I was going to use them for dessert but decided to save them since we are having a birthday dinner for Claudia on Saturday night and I may just need them ;) I can't miss out on my dd's birthday cake now can I? lol
AND I did 30mins on the treadmill. I am just easing back into it after being sick for the past couple of weeks, so will add 10mins on next time and so on until I get back up to an hour.
Oh and just to top it off I have managed to drink 2.5L of water for the day.

So all in all - a great day! Let's just hope I can keep it up and it will show on the scales again next week.

Lee and Cassie, thanks for your kind comments on my photo. You really now how to make a girl feel confident :) I can't wait until I can put up my 'after' photo.

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Pam said...

Way to go on keeping under in points! that's no easy feat!