21 August 2006

My BABY is 8 today!!

Today is Claudia's 8th Birthday. Wow! I can't believe how quickly she has grown up. She has been pretty spoiled and got a new bike, an iPod Shuffle, money, gift cards, clothes, itunes card, and lots of Tinkerbell stuff from Maddie. Obviously it doesn't matter how old you get you never grow out of Tinkerbell.

On Saturday night our friends Kathleen, Phil, Jonathon and Matthew came over for a barbecue dinner to celebrate. Then this afternoon Claudia's friend Darcy and her mum Caroline came over for afternoon tea, and a small ice cream cake. And since she was up soooo early this morning with excitement (as you do when you are 8) she was asleep in five minutes flat tonight!

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Pam said...

Happy Bday to Claudia!

Wow an Ipod shuffle! Lucky girl! I don't even have an Ipod yet! She really did make out!