18 August 2006

Not such a good WW's Day

The day started off great, when I tried on some new grey pants I had picked up off layby and they fitted (being optimistic I had bought them too tight and couldn't do the buttons up when I first tried them on). I wore them with a nice black jacket (which also couldn't be done up properly a few months ago) and was complimented by not one but TWO people on how good I looked today! Boy does that giv eyou a confidence boost.

Hopefully I didn't undo my hard work, because I went about 3 points over today but it could have been more because I am just having a guess. I went out for lunch with my friend Kathleen and I chose a grilled chicken salad which had a heavier dressing on it that I had thought it would (forgot to ask them to put the dressing on the side) so I didn't eat all of the salad because I was worried it would be too many points.

Then everyone else had desert and I really wanted some mud cake. So I asked the guy to omit the ice cream and cream and only serve 1/3 of it onto my plate (luckily they were small serves!) and put the rest in a takeaway container which I took home to the girls. I must add, that this is pretty good for me because pre-WW I would have had a big creamy pasta dish and ALL of the cake with ice cream so I suppose I can be proud of myself for that small effort. lol. It only ended up being about 3 tablespoons of cake in the end but I still had it when I shouldn't have.

Then just to top off my horendous eating day we went to McDonalds for dinner because we had promised the girls all week. I did only have the 5pt chicken tandoori deli choice and a few of Maddie's chips but after lunch I could have done without it.

At least I realise that I have overeaten and take steps to make up for it over the weekend. This in itself is going to be hard because we are having a BBQ for Claudia's Birthday on Saturday. I am thinking ahead though and serving low point nibblies (salsa, rice crackers, vegie sticks, tzatziki dip) and we are having chicken skewers and prawns instead of red meat. For the salad I have some no point dressings so all in all, IF i can stick to my plan I should come in on points and make up for my bad day today.

So mainly for my own benefit, here is a list of the good and bad things about today:

BAD: Over points, no fruit, and did not eat my quota of cereals, dairy or vegies either. I also didn't do any exercise because we got home so late and went straight out for dinner.
GOOD: Drank 2L of water, made the best choice possible points wise with both main meals (not including the desert of course!) and didn't snack between meals.

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Pam said...

we all have bad days, you are still doing very well!