17 August 2006

Starving today!

I don't know why, but today I felt really hungry ALL day. Had a good breakfast, healthy lunch and pretty much stayed within points. I did not however get any fruit in like I planned, and although I said I would not have any sugar points I did have a WW's choc crisp bar. It was either that or a Cherry Ripe so I guess I did the best I could at the time. Good thing I always keep one in my bag for when I get that 'really need a chocolate' feeling. [Note to self: replace choc crisp bar in handbag].
Made a zuchinni and vegetable slice for dinner and worked out the points - 40 for the whole recipe - ouch! and that was after substituting with WW's bacon and cheese. But at least I only had a 6th portion of it so about 7pts with a point free salad was okay for dinner I suppose. It was delicious :)
I still feel like I had a bad day and didn't eat as well as I should have though so I will try and get some fruit in for desert before I go to bed.

I am having lunch with my friend Kathleen tomorrow and we are going to a pub/hotel so I had them fax me the menu in advance so I could limit my choices to the lowest fat options. I have three choices (chicken, prawns or seafood meals) so no matter what I decide I feel like tomorrow I know I can make the best choice possible and still enjoy lunch out with my friend. The old me would have just gone and had steak and chips or calamari (or some full fatty fried thing) so I am pretty proud of myself that I am making more sensible choices that I used to.

Water intake for today was over 2L again so THAT was a good thing. And tomorrow I promise myself I will get on my treadmill.

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