21 August 2006

Weigh In Day - Week 2

And another 1.1kgs gone! Despite a pretty bad weekend points wise. Since we had a barbecue for Claudia's birthday on Saturday there was a lot of food around and while I made a lot of low point stuff compared to what we would usually have, I still went way over. And I'm sure the 3 glasses of champagne I had didn't help! That is a lot for me, more than I have had to drink since the beginning of the year. Then to top it off we ate the leftovers on Sunday for lunch. I must say though that I am proud that I totally avoided the mud cake altogether, probably the only positive thing that came out of the weekend!

I guess I should try to be extra good this week in case it catches up with me on the scales next week. And that will mean fulfilling my exercise goals for this week.

Water update for the week: 2.25L Mon - Fri and 2L on Sat and Sunday. Today I have had 2.5L and couldn't possibly drink anymore tonight.

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