15 August 2006

WW Update

I think I will post my WW's (Weight Watchers) updates separately just to make things easier. That way if you're not interested in my Weight loss journey you will know to avoid those posts ;)

I signed up officially on 7th August 2006 and weighed in at 80.7kgs!! I was shocked because that is more than 6kgs heavier than my scales at home say. I know I had lost a few kgs at home first so I dread to think what I would have been on the WW's scales when I started at the beginning of the year. Oh well, can't dwell on these things.

Anyway my first weigh in was last night after 1 week on points and I LOST 1.7KGS!!! Woohoo! My first goal this week was to drink 2L of water a day and I achieved that and was really happy. It made a difference to my snacking too! I wasn't craving food so much and found that the water really kept me more alert and it was easier to stick to my points.

So my official stats are:

Start weight: 80.7kgs (177.54lbs)
Goal weight: 62kgs (136.4lbs)
Current weight: 79kgs (173.8kgs)
Total to lose: 18.7kgs
Total lost so far: 1.7kgs
Height: 162cms (5ft 2in)

This weeks goal: Do at least 3-4 sessions on the treadmill per week. And if you are after some inspiration yourself in the weightloss department, I fully recommend the WW"s website - some really inspiring success stories and the forums are a constant source of encouragement and information!

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