25 September 2006

Check It Out!!

I did it!! I lost 1.05kgs tonight to reach my first 5KGS!! Woohoo! So I got my 5kg bookmark and a star on my progress chart :) My next goal is my 10% and I only have 3kgs to go. Oh and it means I get my iPod Nano now (which I optimistically picked up on Saturday just in case I made it - and it kept me honest all weekend. lol).

I have also gone down a whole clothing size now too and bought myself a new pair of jeans one size smaller than usual. That was a great feeling and I am really looking forward to when I can get the next size down again.

With the beautiful Spring weather we have been having lately I have managed to do some hour long walks outside for a change instead of just staying on the treadmill and it has been wonderful. I am looking forward to doing a lot more of that now, although Gerard is asking me why I bothered getting the treadmill if I want to walk outside! But face it, sometimes it is just not possible to get out during the week before it's dark so I will probably do 50/50 over the summer months.

1 comment:

Niccy said...

Well Done Jodene!

I was over the moon to get my bookmark... infact - I carry it in my handbag so I can give it a gentle caress from time to time when I feel I am not getting very far!

I have to admit though - I am really seeing the difference in ME and loving the compliments *head swells again*

Keep going - before you know it - you'll be adding a star to that bookmark!