30 September 2006

Feeling Great - WW's update

Well I have been so busy and active this week that I have hardly had any computer time! But I'm feeling on top of the world and really positive about my WL journey.

A few of the things that have made me feel in control this week include:

* I have walked 3 times (outside in the fresh air, not on the treadmill) for 1 hour at a time. And that is so far! There are still a couple of days till weigh in so I hope to get another 2 hours of walking in.
* I took my measurements and found I have lost 6cms off my waist, 5cms off my hips and almost 3cms off my bust! (My measurements were last done in about May)
* I realised that I have not had a migraine headache in over 5 weeks! I had previously been having them on a weekly basis and they were really wearing me out. I put it down to the water and exercise! (so Mum, if you're reading this - start drinking more water!)
* I got some new walking shorts and decent walking shoes. The shorts I had to get a size smaller so that made my day :) And the new shoes make me feel like I'm walking on air.
* I went to a Hen's night of sorts for a friend last night and had a couple of champagnes, but was so proud that the most I nibbled on was a small handful of potato chips all night! And trust me, there was some great food there. So I was pretty proud of myself for that.

We have a wedding to go to tomorrow, and since I have done so much walking and been pretty good with my points this week I am going to give myself the afternoon off tracking and just have a great time. I can't wait - I just LOVE weddings!

So fingers crossed for a positive weigh-in this week.

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