15 September 2006

Great day for me - not so great for the diet!

While I had a wonderful time at the luncheon (see post below) it meant a blowout for my points. I didn't have any choice for the main meal but did okay considering. However I think the few glasses of champagne and the biggest chocolate/cointreau cream desert I have ever seen pretty much did me in ;)
Then just to top it off, after such a big day out and no time to shop we ended up having McDonalds for dinner. I only had half of what I would have used to eat, but still I could have done without it.

I am hoping that since the start of my week was good and I have a few days till weigh-in to make up some extra points, that I won't have done too much damage, but I guess only time will tell. I am not looking forward to getting on those scales on Monday, that's for sure!

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