07 September 2006

So far, so good

Just checking in from work. Apart from probably a few too many sugar points so far this week I have done pretty well. Managed 40mins on the treadmill yesterday, have stayed within my points and drank at least 2L of water each day.

Hopefully I can keep it up (well apart from the sugar overload) and I will see a more positive result on the scales next week. At least there are no big events coming up this weekend food wise which could cause a potential blow out.

Someone who I hadn't seen for a while came into the office today and commented on how good I looked - that is always nice to hear :) It is great to be able to wear my work suit again, after months of the pants being too tight to zip up. I hope that before long I will need to order new workpants because I won't be able to keep these ones up.

It has been freezing cold here the past few days and I am really wanting to reach for those comfort foods. Have managed to resist though and even the calamari and chips at Dome cafe didn't tempt me at lunch time yesterday. Instead I had a lemon chicken and salad wrap - yummo!

Today it is just lunch in the office (crackers, cream cheese, tomato and avocado). I may even throw in a cup of soup just to warm me up. I'm sure before long I will be complaining of the heat so I should enjoy the wintery foods while I can.

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