18 September 2006

Weigh In Day

Well despite my bad day or two, I managed to pick myself up and save a few points and do some extra exercise and lost 500g this week!
Only 950g to lose to reach my first mini goal of 5kgs, so I am hoping to make it next week. Since there are no social engagements this week or eating out I am hoping to stay on points ALL WEEK, which would be a nice change. lol
Things have been so hectic around here it will be nice to have a quiet week, and spend next weekend scrapping since Gerard will be out doing gigs on Friday and Saturday night.
I also got my silver star pin at the WW's meeting tonight for attending every meeting since joining 7 weeks ago. That was a nice surprise! So hopefully I will be getting my 5kg bookmark next Monday.

1 comment:

Cassie said...

Hi Jodene,

Best of luck with having a huge week and possibly hitting that 5kg mark which would be fantastic.

Stay focussed and i'm sure you might be able to pull it off this week!! Good Luck