05 September 2006

WW's Update Weeks 4 & 5

It's been a tough 2 weeks so I haven't updated, sorry! Bad food weeks, bad exercise weeks and emotionally tough to boot.
My feet are killing me after using the treadmill because my shoes have had it, so I need to get some new ones this week. This has made it hard to do a lot of walking.
It was that TOM and I ate far too much chocolate for my own good! Despite all this I did manage two small losses of 0.45 on 28th and 0.25 last night. Definitely not deserving, and I was expecting a gain yesterday so it is a bonus!
This brings my total lost to 3.45kgs so far. I really want to make the 4kg mark next week so need to be very good to make sure that I don't let my bad couple of weeks catch up with me.
I have a Christmas Challenge to lose 15kgs so I still have 11.5 to get there. I know if I knuckle down and do it that it is very achievable. I just need to refocus and get myself back on track.

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