08 September 2006

Yay I scrapped!

The challenge Chris has set up at 123-Scrap! really got me motivated and I did 2 pages last night! Neither of them were 12x12 pages but I am so glad just to have done something. I got a page done for my weight loss journal and a page for Father's Day for my BOM.

Unfortunately when I went to scan them this morning my computer 'couldn't find the scanner'. Don't know why, it was right there! I could see it. lol So I will have to get my IT literate hubby to check it out for me when he gets home and then I will upload them.

That's pretty much when the bad luck started this morning. I went to walk out the front door and heard the sound of gushing water from the drainpipes. Not a good sound to hear when you know there has been no rain! I looked up onto the roof to see the Solar Hot Water system pouring out water from the side. Of course this has to happen on a Friday when it is near impossible to get tradesmen over the weekend! I am just waiting for the phone call to tell me how many thousands it will cost to replace and how long it's going to take. Arrggghhhh.

Hopefully the day can only get better from here. And I am looking forward to some more scrapping tonight and over the weekend.

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