27 November 2006

1st week without a meeting...

and I didn't do too badly. Still managed a loss of .550 which is good considering it's that time where I usually retain quite a bit (if you know what I mean). It means I have officially less than 10kgs to go until I reach my goal!
I spoke to someone from WW's last week, and was told I can join the 'At Home' program in 6 week blocks and then return to my meetings when they are up and running again (probably about Feb next year). So that is good. I will miss the weekly motivation I get from the meetings but there are always the WW Forums which are a constant source of inspiration.
I have joined the GWED (Goal weight end of December) challenge and want to lose another 3kgs before 1/1/07. And I am hoping to reach my WW goal weight by Valentines Day next year. But I will just have to wait and see how much damage is done at Christmas time!

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