01 November 2006


Oops, I've been a bit remiss in updating this blog lately. Lots going on. Work is busy, and I have been unwell this week with a good dose of the flu resulting in some time off work. It also means I haven't walked for a few days and I am really missing my exercise (who would have thought you would hear me say that!) lol Hopefully this afternoon that will change and I can manage to do at least half an hour.

Since my last update I have had one gain of .45 and two losses totalling 1kg. This week's loss was .8 which I was thrilled with being ttom and everything.

I am now only 1.3kgs off my 10% goal (losing 10% of my starting weight) so hopefully I will reach that in the next two weeks. And since it is only 7 weeks until Christmas I am going to be ambitious and try to lose another 5kgs by then - that would just be the best Xmas present to myself ever!! And hopefully Santa WON'T leave me a weightloss book under the tree again this year. And if he does I will be definitely whacking him over the head with it a few times ;)

And this is my latest progress chart - woohoo!

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