27 November 2006

Just to be fair

And to prove that my family aren't really a bunch of freaks, here is the nice version of the photo I posted on the weekend. Ahhh, that's much better isn't it?
With dh away this week, it has turned out to be the busiest week of the month for me. Typical! Tomorrow between me and the girls, we have 4 things on between 4pm and 9pm, and none of them are together! lol I guess they don't call it the silly season for nothing. Wednesday night however, I am looking forward to a nice quiet one at home and hope to make a dent in my Christmas cards. I would love to get them out next week if possible and have only made a handful so far.
The girls want to put the Tree up this week too, but I need to make some room first. Between the computer, treadmill and the new couch there is no space in the living room to put it!
Saturday night are their dancing concerts (one for each of them as Claudia is still in Junior and Madison has moved to Senior). So that means sitting through 2 whole 3 hour concerts..arrrgghhh! Just to watch the girls dance for about 8 mins each. Will I be glad when that is over? YOU BET!
Then Monday night is the school presentation night and carols by candlelight, before school ends for the year on Thursday. YES THURSDAY! Whose dumb idea was it to break up for the holidays so early? Since I still have to work right through to the 22nd, it is going to make things quite difficult to say the least. And they don't go back until 30 January 2007 so I had better start coming up with ways to occupy them for almost 2 months I suppose.
I can't wait until everything settles down so I can get back into some serious scrapbooking, as I have a lot of work to catch up on! And I have missed being my messy, creative self lately.

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