29 December 2006

Christmas is over for another year

I hope that everyone had a wonderful Christmas and that you were spoiled, as you should be! We had a very quiet family Chrissy (just me, dh and the kids) at home for lunch and then went for drinks and a bbq with friends on Christmas night. The weather was beautiful, so much nicer than the scorching hot days we have had the past couple of years. It was more like spring! I wish every Christmas could be like that. It is heating up now though and thank goodness we got our new aircon installed just before the holidays.

Santa was very good to everyone in our house. The girls got a Playstation 2 which they are loving! as well as computer games, toys, board games, clothes, makeup, and lots of girly things. Maddie got a lot of art stuff which she was thrilled with and Claudia got the one thing she asked Santa for - a fish! lol She named him Kutchipatchi - which is a Tamagotchi name. It is a cute fish, if you can say that about fish.

I got a sushi express and made my first Sushi today - it was delicious! Forgot to take a photo before we devoured them, so I will have to do that next time. I also got myself a rice cooker with a gift voucher that Mum gave me, so I can cook the perfect sushi rice now.

All in all, a very successful Christmas (if not just a tad disorganised and last minute) and we are looking forward to the new year. I for one can't wait to see the end of 2006, it has been a crappy year to say the least, and 2007 just HAS to be better!!

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