11 December 2006

Work stuff

I found out today that the trainee at work (who has just signed up for a second 12month traineeship) is going to be leaving to start a new job on 3rd January. This normally wouldn't be a problem but since she is on annual leave next week, and then our office closes for the week between Xmas and New Year, she basically only has a couple of days left this week and that's it.
So NO TIME for a handover or to look for a new staff member before she goes so that she could do some of their handover as well.
It also means the leave I had planned for January has to be adjusted as I need to come in to do timesheets etc.
Oh and just to top it off, we are moving offices next week so will be totally unpacking in a new location with only 2 staff members and we are unlikely to get a replacement until late January.

Arrrgghhhh! Just what I didn't need to be worried about over the Christmas break. But I guess there is nothing I can do about it, so I had better take a deep breath and get on with it huh.


14pk said...

ooooo work...stress...and christmas!!!

take care of yourself, worry about the things you can change and forget the rest!! (easier said than done!!)

take care

jen said...

ooooooooo work, yuk!!!!!

Glad you have Christmas to gather some strength ready for a busy January.....

Jen xx