04 December 2006

WW Update

Weigh in day and another 850g gone ... hopefully never to be seen again! Only 1.1kgs until I am a 60's girl again. Boy have I been waiting a long time for that to happen!

I have some progress pics to upload, but have to wait until Blogger sees fit to cooperate. For some reason it won't let me add any photos at the moment.

I am just plodding along with the points, wasn't totally perfect last week. Had a little takeaway and some chocolate and didn't have a lot of time for much exercise, but overall still a lot better than the 'old me' would have been. I am also learning not to beat myself up for little slips here and there, and I try to remember that this is a lifestyle change and any lifestyle is not going to be perfect.

Things should hopefully start to slow down on the social scene in a week or two so I can get back on track with my regular exercise and hopefully lose a few more kilos before Christmas.

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