05 January 2007

First layout for 2007

Yay, I actually finished something! Although it is quite simple, at least I can say I have scrapped this year. lol I am going to a cardmaking afternoon tomorrow too and hope to get some birthday cards made up so I have a stash ready for the new year.
The rain is starting to slow down here, and I am hoping it will stop completely over the weekend. I have a bit more spring cleaning to finish and it would be great to be able to send the kids outside to play for a while.


lee woodside said...

Happy New Year. Loving your layotu.

jen said...

mmmmmm spring cleaning, yep needs to be done. And find time for scrapbooking too, bought more pages today, got heaps of pics..where's the time ??

Happy New Year


Zanna said...

Haven't had much to do with scrapbooking - but just love how you've put together this layout - seems like there's several different aspects to it.

Carol said...

Absolutely gorgeous layout, Jodene!! :D

Kristy said...


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