03 January 2007

Isn't it supposed to be summer?

It has been raining continually since last night and the temperature went from being 39degC yesterday to only 16degC today!! The girls loved it though, they made little boats and wrote some letters and sent them sailing down the road.
The downside is that I started to notice some drips coming down the walls in the (newly painted!) living room tonight so dh and I put on raincoats and went out in the pouring rain at 10.30pm, where he climbed on the roof and discovered there are at least 6 broken roof tiles up there...ARRRGGGHHH!! So we will have to figure out a way to get that fixed tomorrow, and in the meantime we have put some plastic up and hope it keeps too much water from getting in. Although the cornices are pretty wet so I don't know how much water will continue to leak through during the night.
It honestly has not stopped raining for more than 5mins in the last 24 hours ... and while I love what it is doing for our lawn and garden, I hope it stops long enough for us to fix the roof properly.


Pam said...

Sorry to hear about the roof! And of course after you just got the AC fixed! Welcome to the wonderful world of home ownership!

The girls look like they are having fun!

Cori said...

Yikes, sorry to hear about the roof, and wowsers, that's a lot of rain!