14 February 2007

Plateau ... what plateau?

I just smashed right through that sucker tonight with a 1.5kgs loss!! Woohoo! I am so close to the 60's. In fact my scales this morning gave me a reading of 69.7 so I know that I am not far away from that at my official evening weigh-ins.

Tonight's weigh-in also marked the 15kg mark for me and my offical WW 10kg mark since I signed up. And how did I celebrate? I came home and ordered some new clothes from the Ezibuy catalogue of course ;)

I didn't stay for the meeting tonight as I wanted to get home to my sweetie, although I would have liked to. So I will be sure to hang around next week. There were lots of new members joining up too which was great to see!

I hope that you all enjoyed your Valentines Day. My dh gave me a beautiful card and some chocolates and then we had a nice dinner at home tonight. The girls also made me a beautiful card each which was so sweet.

Happy Valentine's Day.


Anonymous said...

Congratulations Jodene! That is fantastic, you have done so well..

I cant wait to see a photo update :)


jen said...

Congrats Jodene......wowwwwwwww going great guns now....so pleased to hear.


Belinda said...

Nice one chicky!! Congratulations! And what a fantastic blog you have, I'll be checking in regularly to read up on your progress.