29 June 2007

Yep, back again already.

Okay, first let me say I am sooo pi$$ed off!!! I just posted a HUGE blog entry and lost it ... even the 'automatically saved' bit ... how does that happen? All I did was highlight it so I could change the font size and it disappeared.... grrrrrr It was such a great post too :(

So now I am not even going to try and remember it all and will come back on the weekend to do another entry.

Have a great weekend!


karisma said...

Oh, that really sucks doesn't it. Are you sure its not in the auto bit though. I had a few blanks ones stored in there before where I had changed my mind and started again. It still filed them away. You probably know more about it than me. I only noticed them there when I went to edit another post.

karisma said...

ps. my new email is lisa@xzone.com.au

jen said...

ohhhhhhhh hullo .... its a bugga when that happens, it has happened once or twice to me !!!

Will come and check again soon...

cya then,