02 September 2007

Happy Anniversary to Us!

Today is 13 years since Gerard and I were married. And as promised here is a photo of my anniversary ring. I did get a watch too, but haven't been able to get a good pic of it yet but will keep trying :) This is not the best pic either but it is all I could do this late without using the flash.
I decided to go with white gold as my watch and all other jewellery is silver so it matches really well. It comes as a set with the main ring and matching band (seen at the bottom). I will try and get a nice picture of it on my finger to put it in perspective.


karisma said...

Its lovely! I hope you have a better reputation with your jewelery than I do. I have a habit of losing mine. I think Im on to wedding band no 3 now. LOL. Lucky I have learned not to be sentimental about these things anymore.

Jodene said...

Oh no Karisma, that is terrible! I have yet to lose an important piece of jewellery, fingers crossed. I still even have the signat ring Deonne gave me for my 18th birthday! (although it is a 'bit' tight on my finger now). lol And the rings of ex-boyfriends who shall remain nameless ;) but I would never wear them again. I just can't bring myself to throw out gold and especiallly diamonds! lol

Anonymous said...

this ring is stunning, where is it from!!!