17 September 2007

These are crazy times!

No time to blog lately, in fact not much time for anything that is fun! Work is crazy and I am doing the distance learning package for my WW's leader training and am being assessed on Wednesday night so am trying to finish all the study off. Must be a week of assessments, as I have my annual performance review for my day job tomorrow too so that is a bit nerve-wracking.

Just thought I would post a few candid shots that Gerard took quickly in the backyard on Sunday when we were giving the dog some much needed attention. I am sure she thinks it never rains, it pours! She is left alone all day and suddenly we were all out playing with her at once, go figure. lol

Gerard was home for all of 2 days (from Friday to Sunday) before leaving again Sunday night. Seems like we have hardly seen him at all lately! At least this trip is only a short one and he will be home again Thursday night.

Anyway, will catch up at the end of the week when all the madness is over.

Have a great week!


karisma said...

Lovely family shots! My you are getting skinny, aren't you? Well done!

leewoodside said...

Loving these shots girl!

jen said...

Like wowwwwwwwwwww...love these pics !!