22 October 2007

Bloody Cancer!!!

That dreaded disease Cancer has claimed another victim. Today one of my oldest and dearest friends Deonne lost her mother to lung cancer. Like my dad, she was in her late 50's and is certainly too young to be taken away from her family.
She is survived by her husband Robert, and two daughters Deonne and Sharon. So if you can, please keep them in your thoughts and prayers today.
These are the times when it really sucks to be so far away from my family and friends. I would love nothing more than to be there with them right now, to offer my support and love and yet I am on the other side of the country - and may as well be another world away!
I was looking forward to spending some time with her when we go over to Sydney in December but now it is too late.
If anything, this is a reminder to appreciate the people in our lives, and never miss the opportunity to let them know how important they are to you and how much you love them. Life is just too short.

With much love to you and yours today


karisma said...

Very sweet Jodidene. Even from far away, your love is very strong medicine. Sending some love out to both of you.

And wishing D's Mum a safe journey home. God Bless.

Pam said...

So sorry to hear about your friend's Mum. I have two people right now that are dealing with Cancer and it's a stinking bad word let me tell you! Hugs to you all!

jen said...

I hate that word....nasty disease it is.
Sympathy to you and your friends family....lots of loves and hugs.

Anonymous said...

it is an awful thing and i feel for your friend and the whole family.. xx

karisma said...

Just stopping by to say Happy New Year to you all.