08 October 2007

Camping is sooooo NOT my thing!

Well we went out bush for the weekend ... and had a great time - that is until it was time to go to bed! Maybe this picture of our lodgings will explain a little why:Needless to say, this old homestead was full of lizards and other creepy crawlies ... and I mean CREEPY!! To top it off, it was very hot and I had my sleeping bag pulled up to my neck so it was like a sweat tent. Nobody else managed to have any trouble though. The kids were so exhausted they collapsed into bed, and as for Gerard I think the alcohol had something to do with that ;P All in all I got about 1.5-2 hours of sleep.

I should also note this house has no hot water, electricity or furniture other than some old wooden slat beds which we put our mattresses on. Give me a trailer park anyday! lol

Other than that though, it was nice to get out of town. We arrived at lunchtime and had some yummy hamburgers that our friend Phil made on the quaint and rustic bbq. Then for dinner we had another bbq with some yummy salads, a few drinks (of course) all topped off with some chocolate :)

Can you guess what we had for breakfast on Sunday? Yep - another bbq! with some bacon, eggs, hash browns and mushrooms - yummo! Did I mention we ate like horses all weekend? Needless to say I am dreading Wednesday night's weigh in.

Here are some more random pics of our weekend

Gerard and ClaudiaKathleen & I (above)

Maddie (grubby faced and loving it!)

Claudia - another grubby and happy kidlet!
Phil cooking the bbq - told you it was rustic! The kids very own mini campfire for roasting marshmallows (and cheeseballs!)


Pam said...

I would have been SOOOOOO out of there! Good for you for sticking it out! I must have hot water AND electricity when I go anywhere! :)

karisma said...

Well you got a couple of hours more sleep than I did last week. And dont worry about the weigh in. You probably sweated it all out. I think we all deserve a 5 star hotel next time, what do you think?

jen said...

ohhhhhhhh love the pics and that style of camping is me!! Yep....I a bush girl!!

Love the marshmallow fire....love marshmallows tooooooo!!