03 October 2007

Happy Hump Day

Another update so soon??? What is going on you may ask ... well I don't know! Just got home from the WW's meeting and finished my Noodle Wok takeaway for dinner and thought I would quickly pop on and update.

Tonight was the last meeting that I actually had to run on my own as the regular leader is back next week. I must say it has got easier each week, and tonight I hardly had that red blushing neck look at all! lol I also weighed in another half a kilo lighter - yippee!! Slow and steady wins the race. This morning I was just under a full kilo but of course, the night weigh-ins are a killer - you have to be so careful what you eat all day and stop drinking your water much earlier than usual.

The girls are on school holidays and enjoying some one on one time with their Dad. He has taken the whole two weeks off, but unfortunately I have to work most of them. I do have tomorrow and Friday off so that is something at least. And Saturday we are off camping and the girls are really looking forward to that. Tomorrow is supposed to be quite warm so we might head off to the park late in the afternoon for an early bbq dinner.

Happy Hump Day! Enjoy the rest of your week.

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