20 October 2007

My baby girls...

What happened to them? I have to admit I am really 'missing' the girls' younger/baby years because they are just growing up too fast! Where is the 3 year old Maddie that squeeled with delight and actually shed a tear when Santa brought her the Dorothy the Dinosaur doll she really really wanted!
Or the baby Claudie who used to stand like a statue screaming 'cheeeeeeeeese' every time I pulled out the camera (yes she was well trained in the paparazzi!). How I miss them. But I have all the fun new stuff too which I love ... like tonight we went out to watch a local play and out for dinner together, just the three of us girls and we talked and had a great time.
I guess each stage of their lives bring new joys, but I can't help but miss the little babies they were too in some ways. I worry about what will happen to them as they grow up and what struggles they will face with the choices they have to make. All I can do is try to teach them well and love them with every ounce of my being but as mothers I know we will always worry, it's part of the job description. But that doesn't make it any easier.


Rach said...

What really beautiful pictures of you and your girlies!

I can so relate to your concerns. I think as Moms to girls even, we have THAT much more to worry about as they get older.

karisma said...

Enjoy every moment. Once the hormones kick in it gets harder.