08 October 2007

My friend Karisma :)

Maybe it was this photo that reminded me of you in the Bookfairy's picture. Maybe it was the hair? I think this was taken in the late 70's - early 80's. Bummer the photo wasn't dated. You were obviously a lot younger than she is now, but I think she has your smile and I even see a similarity in the eyes. Although she definitely has surfer boys colouring. Like you said - quite a good mix of the gene pool!


karisma said...

Oh my God! Yes it was probably the daggy hair that did it! LOL Im not sure how old I am there either, I dont recognize the clothes. Thats how I normally know, but Id say Im about 10. That dog looks like it was one of yours do you remember when you got it?

Jodene said...

I don't remember when I got the dog, but it was one of Trixie's puppies. I think you're right, we were probably about 10 or so.