09 January 2008

Happy New Year!

I have been so slack with my blog posting the last few months! First it was computer problems, and then I was away in Sydney for three weeks and sometimes I just couldn't be bothered. LOL But I'm back now and hope to post here more regularly. And since it has been a while there are a few things to cover in this post, so here goes.

Over at 123-Scrap! members are choosing a 'word' for the year and after much deliberation I have chosen FOCUS as my word for 2008. This encompasses a lot of areas of my life that I need to pay more attention to.
* I need to finish my weightloss journey and get to goal (and I am aiming for April)
* I want to spend more 'me' time doing the fun things I enjoy like scrapbooking, stamping and photography
* I want to become more financially savvy and get into saving mode big time this year!
So to remind me to FOCUS this year, I made myself a canvas which is in my craft room and I see it everytime I walk in.

We had a great time in Sydney visiting with family and friends, but still managed to run out of time to do all of the things we wanted to and see all the people we wanted to.
I just can't believe how much time we spent in the car between one place and another! that is definitely something I don't miss about living in the city!
We all got pretty spoiled by Santa this year and as for me I got jewellery, perfume, lots of fun scrapbooking toys and bits and pieces. Gerard got the usual books, cd's, dvd's and some aftershave and shirts. The girls both got a digital camera each as well as clothes, books, cd's, dvd's and playstation 2 games.
It was so nice to spend Christmas with our families though as it had been 3 years since we had done that. It was also the first time I had been home since Dad passed so it was also a bit of an emotional time for me.
The journey home was a bit of a nightmare though. We were delayed by two and a half hours out of Sydney on Friday morning and then got to Perth only to find that the road to Kalgoorlie was still closed part way because of bushfires which had claimed the lives of three truck drivers. So we spent the night in Perth but when the road was still not open Saturday we took the long route home and spent 11hours on the road before finally making it home on Saturday night. Luckily though I had a couple more days off and only returned to work today. For some reason though I still feel like I need another few days to get over my holiday! lol

I have started scrapping again and participating over at 123-Scrap! which I have really missed. It feels good to be doing something that is just for me! I plan to make sure I schedule time if I have to so that I can regularly scrap, stamp or just take time to be creative. So far I have done a few projects and these are some of them.

Some simple cards done using my new toy, a Cuttlebug.

An altered tin which was done for the January challenge at 123-Scrap!

I am still plodding along, although the month off at xmas saw me put on 3kgs!!! Wish I could lose it that quickly! lol. But I got straight back on track the minute I got home from Sydney and am hoping for a good weigh in next week. As I mentioned I am aiming to be at goal by my birthday in April. It sure has taken me long enough!


jen said...

Great to see you back ,,, good luck with all your 2008 goals.
Focus is a word I need to use too....make you achieve all your dreams.

Love the pics...

keep smiling,

karisma said...

erm, excuse me young lady! You were in Sydney? And you did not tell Karisma? Naughty girl! If you did not want to pop up here to see me I would have come down there!!!

Naughty naughty naughty!

Ok. I forgive you. But just this once! And because I have missed you. xxxxxxxx