31 January 2008

Just another day in paradise

It was another pretty hot day here, but it is far from paradise. LOL But it was a busy day none the less!

Yesterday my best friend of the last 13 years left town and moved to Albany (about 10 hours away from here!) and I miss her terribly already. She was always only 3 mins away and we would catch up at least 2 or 2 times a week and have lunch on Fridays as we both only work 4 days a week. Now what will I do?? I am feeling lonely already and I really miss her company.

Then today Gerard left for Papua New Guinea for 3 weeks. I was going to take him to the airport but 2 hours before we were due to leave I got a call at work saying the Weight Watchers leader was sick and so I had to take the meeting. Which meant we couldn't drive him to the airport to say our goodbyes like we usually do. Needless to say the girls were not very happy with that arrangement! The good thing to come out of it though was I didn't have time to get too nervous.

Tomorrow I have the day off and I get to start the day off with my annual pap smear - I know you're jealous right!! then I have to run some errands and organise all those last minute back to school things and label all the pencils etc for school on Monday. Already I am looking forward to next Friday, when I have my first day off ALONE in over 2 months!

Now back to the pap smear - if you haven't had one in a while and are overdue, consider this a friendly reminder! I am actually excited because if everything is okay this time (which I am sure it will be) it will mean 5 years of clear test results and then I get to go back to having them every two years instead of every year.

Part of me thinks that I should stick to having them yearly because it is easier to remember rather than having to think whether it is an off year or not. And since I have a bit of a history then I do feel a bit better knowing everything is okay. Plus if there are any problems I like to think I will catch it early.

Then I plan to spend at least part of the weekend doing some of the new February challenges that will be posted at 123-Scrap!

Whatever your plans for the weekend, have a good one!!


Lisa said...

so sad to hear about your friend moving so far away. Thank goodness for email at least.
Fingers crossed for a very uneventful appt. and enjoy your day off afterward.

karisma said...

Good luck with the test. Im a bit naughty in that respect.

I have tagged you, come over and see what for.