09 January 2008

Some Sydney Pics

Okay so between us with four cameras we took a LOT of pics, so I thought I would start by sharing just a few for now. (See post below for updated blog post)

Above: All of the cousins on Gerard's side of the family (pictured with Gerards mum)
Below: Gerard and I went for a romantic dinner on a floating restaurant at Darling Harbour!

Above: The cousins on my side of the family.
Below: Me with my newest nephew (and Godson) 7 month old Hayden. I could seriously just eat him up!

Above: waiting to catch the monorail in Sydney

Below: the four of us at Darling Harbour Below: the girls at the Sydney Aquarium (also at Darling Harbour)


Pam said...

Great pics! May I say you are looking mighty hot girl!

karisma said...

Okay, which kiddies belong to who? That baby so so looks like Cathy! They are all gorgeous! But it is in the genes you know. And I am not biased at all. I think you are all just perfect.

Dorothy said...

Well said.