14 February 2008

Happy Valentines Day!

I hope that you all (the three readers of my blog) have a wonderful valentines day, filled with much love.

Valentines will always be a day of joy and sadness for me now I guess. Today is the 2nd anniversary of my dad's death, and I miss him every day. There are still days when I just want to pick up the phone and call him, and I really miss being able to do that.

Gerard is still in Papua New Guinea and won't get back until next week, so there will be belated Valentines celebrations for us then. He did manage to hide a card and some chocolate for me, and also sent me a bunch of flowers to work, which are beautiful. He also sent small bunches of Gerbera's each for the girls which just made their day! It was the first time they have ever had flowers sent to them and it just put the biggest smiles on their faces.

Whatever you are doing today, I hope that it's a happy one :)

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Lisa said...

what beautiful flowers, gerberas are one of my very favorite flowers. Happy Valentine's day to you all!