25 March 2008

Easter Weekend

I hope that you all had a wonderful Easter (and didn't eat as much chocolate as I did!) You know, the best intentions and all that.
We just had a quiet weekend at home and then on Monday we went out bush and found a dam to catch some yabbies. We got a huge haul and then went back to a friend's place and cooked us up a great dinner (much to Claudia's disgust!). She wanted to set every one of the yabbies free after we had caught them but sadly for her, she never succeeded in her goal and many a yabbie lost his/her life. We did throw the very small ones back in though.
While we were out there we cooked jaffles (toasted sandwiches) in an open pit fire and had a great time. The kids loved all the mud, yes even little girls love to get filthy dirty now and then.
Here are a few pics from our day out in the bush.

Claudia in an old rusty car that we found.

The Yabbies(still alive at this point)

Claudia in front of an old tractor.

Maddie in the old bedford truck(notice the bullet hole in the back window!)

The jaffles all cooking away nicely. Yum!

Just the front of the old truck .. I loved the colour :)

So now it's back to work for the rest of the week and I need to try and get some exercise in to burn off all that chocolate! At least I am pleased to say I can walk again and my calves have almost fully recovered. Just in time for this week's step class.

Have a great week!

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karisma said...

Yes shame on you! You Yabby murderer! Double time on the step class! Eat vegies next time!!!! Claudia come to Aunty Lisa's house next time, we like vegies!