22 March 2008

Finally finding time to scrap

Since I am still virtually crippled (yes my legs are THAT sore) what else is a girl to do but scrap? And after our virtual birthday crop last weekend at 123-Scrap! I have plenty of inspiration to keep me going. The sketches and layout challenges were awesome as always so I have no excuses for not having any good ideas for a page now.

Here is the first layout using one of Pam's original sketches.
This is Claudia with my mum's bird Buddy. They just adore each other and Claudia gives him so much attention and takes hm everywhere with her, and when we stay there he is constantly screaming at her to get him out of the cage! She would love to bring him home, and Nanny would let her too only Daddy has said no and since Daddy's word is final (well usually) it looks like Buddy will have to stay with Nanny for a little while longer.

1 comment:

jen said...

What else ehhhh, but scrap. As usual, absolutely great work!

Hope the legs are feeling better.