15 March 2008

Wanna see what I got?

I got this new little baby yesterday :) Don't you just LUUURRRVVE that new car smell (not to mention the smell of leather). It is a Honda Civic Sports Sedan.

We decided to downsize from a V6 to a 4 cylinder vehicle - with the price of fuel it saves us about $30 each time we fill the tank! Plus it has all the extra little luxuries that my old car didn't. Gotta love that! Of course the kids' favourite part is the sunroof. And now that the girls are older and there are no more carseats, prams etc it didn't make sense to drive a bigger car just around town every day.

(I couldn't get a good interior shot so I took the inside ones from the website. Mine is identical only auto transmission, not manual). And the windows will be getting tinted this week!

And I had to add this one for Claudia! She was dying to do this. lol


karisma said...

Ooooh Very nice! Seriously Miss, its time you came for a visit! I have lots of room and I would so love to see you and the girls. So what is stopping you? Take the challenge come visit the mad house. Karisma promises lots of fun and adventure!

Rach said...

Woohoo Jodene .. yes I certainly do 'lurv' it! How gorgeous!
Claudia is just to cute popping out of the sunroof. :)