03 April 2008

Four is my favourite number

So I just knew I had to do this little 'tag' when I saw it on Rach's blog.

A) Four places that I go to over and over: Work, the supermarket, the school, the post office
B) Four people who e-mail me (regularly ): Kathleen, Gerard, Eddie & Tanya, Pam
C) Four of my favorite places to eat: Sushi, Macs Deli, Blue Monkey Restaurant, at home
D) Four places I would rather be right now: Albany, on a beach somewhere, on vacation ANYWHERE! the visiting the U.S and Canada (to meet my net friends)
E) Four people I think will respond: your guess is as good as mine! since only 3 people read my blog though I don't like my chances. lol
F) Four TV shows I watch over and over: CSI (the original), Desperate Housewives, Brothers & Sisters, Ghost Whisperer

If you want to play along, just post your answers on your blog and make sure you let me know so I can check it out!

1 comment:

Pam said...

I hope there is an Albany AU since I know you can't possibly want to be in Albany NY! :)