03 April 2008

Just some cards

Well not much exciting to report I'm afraid! Gerard is back in PNG until mid-late April so it's just the girls and I again for a while. And only another week of school and then the kids are holidays again (I am sure it has only been a few weeks since they started school!)
Life in my small town is a lot lonelier these days since my best friend moved away in February. I miss being able to just drop in there for a cuppa or have her knock on my door whenever she wanted. I don't have anyone else I can do that with and I guess I never realised how lucky I was. I sure miss her!
Some happy news though, my cousin Tammy who I haven't seen for years is moving to the same city that we are moving to at the end of the year. I am really looking forward to catching up with her and she is married now with a baby so that is very exciting! And I will get to see her soon when we head down that way for a visit. Can't wait :)
But for now, I don't have much else to share so I will just leave you with a few cards I have made this week. Just excuse the blurry images as the camera doesn't like shooting without a flash at night.

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Pam said...

Very nice! I love that embossed paper!