08 September 2008

Proud Mummy Alert - Again!

On Sunday Madison performed in the Goldfields Performing Arts Festival in the Under 15 Guitar Solo section. It is the same Arts Festival Claudia performed in for her singing a few weeks ago. In fact yesterday was the final day of performances and Madison was the last performer for the entire festival!

Anyway, despite being so nervous, she played beautifully and was awarded First Place in the Under 15 Guitar Solo section!!! But wait ... there's more!

This year they introduced a new annual trophy for the best Fretted String Player overall - and SHE WON THAT TOO!!
The adjudicator was very complimentary and his comments on her score card read as follows:
Piece 1 Asturias - An assured performance with the two parts being clear in the first section. The triplets fluttered along beautifully. Great Poise. Congratulations.

Piece 2 Silent Night - So much siimpler, but a trap for the unwary. This playing breathed freely - well done!

We will have the trophy engraved tomorrow and Maddie is so excited to be the first person to get her name on it!

Way to Go Maddie - we are SO proud of you!

Maddie's best friend Alexie came along to support her, as did Claudia (hiding in the back there)

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