09 November 2008

What's the big deal?

Since I got these number plates I have lost count of how many people have commented on my age ... things like 'oh so you're 40 next year!' or 'it's all downhill from here' and the one I heard today was 'kind of hard to hide your age now isn't it'.

I must admit I debated for a long time what plates to get. I had 3 choices, either 'Jodene', JT2404 (my birthdate) or these. I figured the 1969 looked less random than the 2404 (yes I may be a little anal/OCD) but as I said to Gerard when he asked if I was concerned that everyone would know my age ... I have never been one to hide my age anyway, so why do I care? I am not the one with the Peter Pan syndrome around here ;)

Am I the only person I know who is NOT concerned about their age? Yes I am 40 next year ... bring it on!! I am not worried about it. I am looking forward to it ... to moving forward into the next phase of my life ... to see what the next decade will bring for me. Why should I be ashamed of it? Why do people comment with pity in their voice? All I say is don't lay your own insecurities on me! I have enough of my own, but my age isn't one of them. lol

Yes I am almost 40 ... lets start planning the party I say!!


Pam said...

I love that your license plates are black! Cool!

And good for you for being happy with yourself! Who cares what everyone says!

Rach said...

your plate looks awsome, Jodene!
And I say .. you go girl! Age is just a number .. and all in your mind .. so if you're not looking up against it .. then rock on girlfriend!

Michelle Sultana said...

Good on you Jodene I turned 40 this year and I am loving it.. Just think the kids are older you are more settled in life. I look at it this way its time to find ourselves again after becoming a wife and a mother. You go girl its FABULOUS!!!! best time of my life. Michelle

karisma said...

Yeah! YOU are totally a spring chicken!!!!! I can vouch for that!

Nice Car sweetie! Enjoy!

Debbi Baker said...

I'm with you on this one Jodene - I just don't get the whole age thing - I think we should be proud to have made it this far!! Nice car...(and the plates are great)

Rach said...

I tagged ya, girlie!

Debbie M said...

I need to take some of your advice and attitude! I too am turning 40 (24 Feb) and the only thing I am looking forward to is the party! LOL - nothing else LOL

Love the car and plates - My DH wanted me to get DEB 269 (NO WAY LOL)

Debbie M

my5bratz said...

well I must say Im kinda dreading turning the big 4 OH MY GOD on jan 1..but I think since I became a grandmother earlier this year that most people think Im already over 40...I was aiming for the first anniversay of my 39th birthday...or 39 with one years experience..lol

great plates :0)