12 February 2009


What a sad week this has been for Australia. So many people have lost loved ones, their homes, pets and their livelihoods in the horrific fires in Victoria. They are saying that the number of deaths could reach 300. There are just no words. And to know that some of these fires were deliberately lit makes it even more unbelievable. Small country towns have been totally wiped out, so hard to imagine. Even seeing the pictures it doesn't seem real. It really makes you re-evaluate what is important and appreciate what you have.


Aussieleigh said...

Its been a terrible, avoidable tragedy Jodene, I agree...my thoughts and prayers are with those in Victoria devastated by this disaster - we are holding a fund raiser at school today for the Red Cross fire relief.

Pam said...

It really is a terrible tragedy. I am so sorry for all of the Aussies that have lost.