06 February 2009

When technology goes bad...

It really infuriates me! In this case it was more a case of technology breaking down :( Last Saturday I was happily surfing my favourite stamp blogs when my DSL light died on my modem. When I rang my ISP provider to find out what was going on it turns out my modem had died. Exactly 18 days after the 12 month warranty ran out ... yes I only had it 1 year!! Aren't they meant to last longer than that?

Oh well, finally today I managed to go pick up a new wireless modem/router combo and am all hooked back up and happily catching up on all my favourite blogs. If I am quick I may still be able to catch up on a couple of this weeks challenges.

So this week while I was net-less we had a busy time with both girls going back to school. Maddie to Year 8 and Claudia to Year 5. Gerard arrived home from overseas on Thursday and now we are all home together again :) Here is a pic of the girls on their first day back at school.

Oh and last Saturday I got a new haircolour ... which I hate! and thank goodness it's only a semi so it will fade out before my next appointment and I can go back to my regular colour. I know, I am not that adventurous am I. (New profile pic is the fiery red colour that my hair now is .. albeit temporarily). I should have known not to go with 'chestnut' as my hair naturally throws red anyway so in the light this colour is actually a LOT more red than it looks in the pics. It just looks quite dark in the photos taken inside. I didn't expect it to be quite as dark as it turned out.

Just a random pic of me and Lucy, as she was shadowing me all day!

And since I had Maddie's camera at work with me the other day I took a few pics of my desk. I figured I could do a layout for my B.O.M one of these days. Made me realise I should probably tidy up my whiteboard a bit and then take another one ;)

Have a great weekend! Hopefully I will have some crafty projects to upload once I can get time to play. I got lots of new goodies this week that are just begging to be used (stamps, paper, Slice dies etc).

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Aussieleigh said...

Glad to hear your back online Jodene!