28 April 2009

Long time between posts - part 2

Here are just some more photos ... following on from my previous post.

My mother in law with Lucy
Kristina and Ben at the Superpit lookout. This is one of those shovels from the 'tiny' looking trucks in the last post. Give you some idea of their size!

The girls with Ben and Kristina at dinner.

Claudia (aka the fashion queen) with Ma'ee

Kalgoorlie from the air.


karisma said...

Yikes! Where are all the trees?

Jodene said...

Don't worry there are lots of trees in Kalgoorlie Karisma :) Especially where we live as it's an old area of town. But in the new subdivisions there are not many, pretty much like the city I suppose. But just drive five minutes out of town and then all you see is trees - all the way to Perth! (about 900kms of them).