28 April 2009

Long time between posts!

Well a LOT has happened since my last blog post! Maybe just a quick run down would be easier and I might add a few pics at the end :)

* we sold our house - in only 6 days and we got what we wanted - a fantastic result! Settlement is on 21st May.
* we secured the house we wanted in Perth. I can't wait to have my own craft studio again, an extra living room AND an extra bathroom. Oh and a pool :)
* Gerard has had 2 trips overseas in between all of this and is away at the moment ... again.
* we got the girls into schools in Perth and they will start on 22nd June. We can't move down until the tenants in the new house have moved out on 16th June :(
* Gerard's sister and her hubby came to visit us - their first visit here since we have lived here in 15 years. Fun times!
* Gerard's mum came for two weeks and just left on Sunday. Her last visit to Kalgoorlie. But hopefully she will love visiting us in Perth just as much.

So with all of this happening I have hardly had time to blog let alone get any crafty fun stuff done, since my room is also the guest room!

Oh and did I mention I had a birthday? Yep, I turned 40 last Friday! Finally no longer in my 30's, and not bothered one little bit :) I was pretty spoiled and for my birthday I got one of these babies (since I am moving to a new city that I have never lived in before I think it will come in very handy).

I also got an iPod docking station/speaker for my scrap room, some clothes, a voucher for House, a new leather handbag, perfume, book, chocolates and three beautiful lots of flowers.

Oh and on my 40th Birthday we went for a scenic helicopter ride over the Superpit (an open cut Gold mine here where I live). This was a gift to all of us from my Sister in law and Brother in law after their trip and we took my mother in law with us.

To finish up here are a few pics of what we have been up to.

Me at 40

Madison got to sit in the front of the helicopter!

The Superpit from the air ... look how tiny the dump trucks look. And those things are huge!

All of us after our rides. I went up with Madison while Gerard, his mum and Claudia went on a separate ride.


Lyn said...

Hi Jodene, hope that you had a great birthday, sounds like you were properly spoilt. Hope all the packing and moving goes ok for you guys. Good Luck. xoxo

Pam said...

WOW! I just found another thing we don't have in common, there is no way in HE double hockey sticks I'd go up in a helicopter! You are brave!

Great photos! I love that outfit Claudia has! You need to send me some photos of her in her stylish stuff for me to scrap! :)

Happy Birthday again!