09 May 2009

Finally something crafty to share!

Don't get too excited though, it's not much! lol I am still working on circle journal pages as they come to me so I thought I would post the last couple I have done as well as a quick card.

The card pic is not very clear, and since I have already sent the card on it's way I can't take another pic. But you get the idea. I have used clear crystal gems on the chandelier.

This card and the matching page below were for a circle journal for 'card ideas'. But I can't remember whose album that was!

The next page is for Dee's Dips Circle Journal. Reminds me how much I love this dip .. will have to make it soon!

This next card was one I did a while ago but neglected to post. Probably because the pic was so blurry! But I though I'd share anyway since those owls are just too cute! Especially with the googlie eyes :)
So let me see, what else do I have to share.... well I am now officially unemployed! My last day of work was on Thursday. It was a little bit sad to leave after 5 years but I am sure I will get used to having nanna naps in the middle of the day pretty quickly :) Although the next few weeks will see me pretty busy with packing and moving out of the house before transferring down to Perth. Where there will be lots more unpacking to do before I can really settle in. But I am starting to look forward to the change, not so much to all the extra driving I will have to do!

Hopefully I will be back later with more cards to share, since I have some swap cards that are overdue!


Rach said...

Awsome cards as usual, Jodene! Is that a Happy Birthday stamp? Love it!

Jodene said...

Thanks Rach, yes the Happy Birthday is a stamp!